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The goal of the FinancialRx blogs is to provide busy moms with a wide range of practical, accurate, money-related content they can use every day.

We’re talking real finance -- without the mind-numbing financial jargon.

The team at FinancialRx continually seeks relevant, well-written guest posts with a fresh perspective. Submission of a post does not guarantee that it will be published, but following the guidelines below will increase the chances that your article will appear in all its glory.


Mandatory Requirements

These are the minimum requirements that must be met in order for your article to be considered for publication on

Originality. Any article you submit must be an original one, written by you. As we all learned back in grade school, anything else is considered plagiarism, which will be immediately rejected. And Google makes it pretty easy to sleuth that out these days. If you work for an author as a ghostwriter, you may submit the article under the author’s name, including his or her contact information.

Familiarity with FinancialRx. Be familiar with and where you'd like your post to appear. FinancialRx currently has 19 different sub-categories under the top navigation bar. These topics range from lofty and serious, like buying a home, to smaller and more fun, like planning a party. Where would you like your article to appear? Make sure what you’re writing fits neatly into one of the sub-sections.

Proofreading. Please proofread and spell-check your article before you submit it for consideration. Due to tight time constraints, articles that require excessive editing cannot be published.

Content, Tone and Length. Only articles that provide genuine value to readers will be considered. Content should be non-promotional, relevant, fresh and upbeat. We give bonus points for humor! Note that our readers are busy women. Most of them are mothers in extremely active households -- they do not have time to waste, so you must grab their attention quickly, or you may not grab it at all. Please limit your submission to 600 words or less.

Bio Section The last paragraph of your post should be a mini bio. This is where you can tell the readers a little bit about you. You can write about your family, your business or blog, what inspires you, what you enjoy doing – whatever you think would instill credibility and be interesting for our readers to know. This is where you can include up to additional 2 links back to your website or blog. Please limit this section to 60 words or less.


The body of your article may contain one link back to your website or blog. You may include two additional links within the bio section. When submitting links, please use the format provided in the mini sample bio below:

    Wendy Mihm is a wife, a mother of two and the founding partner and Editor in Chief of (link:

Google Profile

If you've worked hard enough to write an article, you might as well get some recognition for it! Setting up a Google Profile will help you to do just that. When you set up a profile, Google automatically connects a link to your profile and includes your profile picture next to any article you write when it shows up in Google's search results. This includes any article you write that gets published for FinancialRx, or anywhere else online!

Creating a Google Profile really does help your articles stand out on Google's search engine results. So if you don't already have a Google Profile, click here to set one up.

Be a Savvy Submitter: Make Your Article Stand Out

These are qualities that make the strongest submissions really shine! The more of these your article has, the more likely it will be published, commented on and tweeted about. You may even become a regular contributor!

  • Tells a vivid story. Make your story come alive with real-world examples from your own life or the lives of friends and family.

  • Provides a clear point of view. Give FinancialRx readers something to react to and comment on! Ideally, this would be based on your area of expertise.

  • Resonates on a personal level with readers, or even elicits a visceral reaction. Controversy is ok, as long as what you’re staying is based in fact, not propaganda.

  • Is very practical. Can a typical FinancialRx use this in her daily life at home or at work?

  • Skips the jargon. It’s what FinancialRx is all about. Or if you use an industry term, define it clearly.

  • Creates a set of rules. If your post lends itself to a simplified set of rules, a short series of steps or even a few rules of thumb, it can be very compelling to readers.

How to Submit an Article / Post
The most efficient way for us to receive your submission is in a regular word document attached to an email sent to Please include your full name at the beginning of the article, as you would like it to appear in the byline, for example “By Wendy Mihm.” If your submission is published, you will be notified by email.

Ok people, start writing!

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