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Free Fun With Kids: Build a Fort!

Looking for ideas for free fun with your kids?  Do not underestimate the fort!  You used to build them when you were a kid—out of just about anything you had on hand.  Now it’s time to do the same thing with your kids.

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Cheap vs Expensive: Which is More Fun?

Out of town guests arrive and you’ve got to entertain them.  But which is more fun, expensive trips to local attractions and restaurants, or good old fashioned stay-at-home fun? Check out this Mom’s fresh perspective for some good laughs and helpful reminders.

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Budget Toddler Fun:  The Train Station!

Here’s a fresh idea for budget toddler fun: the train station!  Lots of toddlers love trains—mine happens to be obsessed with them.  Here’s a great way to make an afternoon at the train station fun and memorable for both of you.

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