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By Wendy Mihm | Tuesday May 10, 2011

You love a great day at the ballpark, your home team’s NFL, or NBA game, but you weren’t born into a trust fund to pay for season tickets behind the dugout, the 50-yard line or at center court. 

Who cares?  You and your non-Leonardo DiCaprio friends can still have plenty of fun because we’ve got some great ideas for a potluck: host a “Home Game Potluck!”

Yes, we’ve all been to potlucks before, and maybe you’ve stood around some tired tuna casseroles, wishing you could just go home and curl up with the remote.  But these fresh ideas should make yours fabulous, frugal and fun, all at the same time.

Home Game Potluck Tip #1: Broadcast the game—all over the place!

You can do this in all sorts of fun ways by including portable broadcasting devices such as mini TVs, radios and iPads on the potluck list.  Then when people arrive, set up the broadcasting devices they bring, along with your own, all throughout the house.  That way you can broadcast the game wherever people may be sitting or standing.  For example, in addition to your regular TV(s) you can place an iPad, portable TV, or radio in all sorts of surprising and funny places throughout the house—right next to the ‘fridge, on the kitchen table between the food, even behind the toilet—just for fun.  (Don’t kill yourself trying to get perfect reception.  The effect you’re going for here is mostly comedy!)

Home Game Potluck Tip #2: Imitate the ballpark or stadium right in your own home, complete with mock stadium announcements and intermittent loud rap and rock music! 

If you don’t have one, ask a friend to bring a toy microphone and designate the funniest person in the gang to make announcements—the sillier the better.  For example, you can tease a guest for having guacamole on her chin, ask if anyone needs a drink refreshed, announce when it’s time for everyone to get up and shuffle their seats, or even have a real 7th inning stretch and sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”

Home Game Potluck Tip #3:  When you invite guests to your Home Game Potluck, ask them to bring a game-themed food, and provide suggestions.

One idea would be to include a link to your home-team stadium’s menu for inspiration.  You could even start the ball rolling by offering to prepare one or more of the items on the menu, and to provide team-themed plates and napkins.  But remember, one of the benefits of a potluck is that you get to share expenses, so don’t volunteer for everything.  Besides, when people get invited to a friends’ house the first question they generally ask, whether it’s a potluck or not, is “What can we bring?” So don’t be afraid to share responsibilities.

Home Game Potluck Tip #4:  Don’t forget to wear the home team colors!

If you’re big home team fans, you probably own a shirt or hat that you can wear for your Home Game Potluck. To make the event even more festive, suggest your friends do the same.  But remind them not to go out and buy anything new if they don’t already own any team garb – maybe they can rustle up something in one or two of the team colors instead.

Home Game Potluck Tip #5:  Designate a peanuts/popcorn/Cracker Jack person from your family to imitate a stadium concessions person. 

He or she can walk around yelling “Popcorn, get yer popcorn here!” and toss little pre-packed bags of popcorn or other stadium-themed snacks to your guests (free, of course), to liven up the crowd during commercial breaks and slow times during the game. You can make these yourself by popping some popcorn and putting it into baggies beforehand—it’s easy, quick and inexpensive that way.

So now you’ve got some ideas for a potluck and can host a Home Game Potluck that will have your friends cheering for more! Or at least wondering where you hid the iPad speakers in the bathroom.

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Comments for Ideas for a Potluck: Host a Home Game Potluck
By Alan on May 16, 2011

Nice list. Keg beer is key to imitate a stadium concessions. Since our gatherings are not so large to justify a large Keg we get those mini-kegs from the supermarket. Right now Heineken and New Castle Brown both offer mini kegs at a good price.  It may not be the domistic swill that they server for $10 a cup at the game but my friends all love that we have “keg” beer at our football parties.

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