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By Wendy Mihm | Thursday November 9, 2010

Your best friend is pregnant with her very first baby and you want to throw her a fabulous baby shower, but maybe you’re also saving for a house and have kids of your own. In other words, you’re looking for ways to save money on a baby shower, but still want it to be fantastic for your friend.

Here’s one idea that worked really well for me when I was in a similar situation.

After having considered all sorts of locations such as nice restaurants (too expensive), my own home (too small), community centers (a bit boring) and local event venues (too expensive), I came up with an idea that knocked my friend’s socks off and was inexpensive as well.  I held the event at her alma matter, which happens to be Cal Tech University, here in Pasadena. 

Fortunately, it’s a gorgeous campus with lots of picturesque, shaded outdoor areas that were perfect for entertaining.  Here’s a list of things that were great about hosting at a college campus:

  • Since it was the guest of honor’s alma matter, the location was nostalgic and fun.
  • The rental fee was very reasonable.
  • The shower was outdoors, which made it great for the guests who brought their children.  They could let their kids run around freely and have fun.
  • I saved a ton of money on décor, because I had the great outdoors as my backdrop.
  • We had plenty of room for seating and games.

As you plan for the event, here are some things to consider, both from a cost and logistics standpoint.

  • You may have to rent tables, unless there is a place on campus where there are some picnic tables already in place.  An alternative idea is to ask guests to bring blankets and have everyone eat picnic-style in the grass.
  • Choose a place near some bathrooms that the guests (especially the Mama-to-be) can use.
  • Find out about an electrical hookup if you’ll need one.
  • Consider getting help from some other guests with the food.  You might even make it a semi-potluck to really save money.
  • Make sure there is somewhere to park your car close by while you haul things to and from the party – even if just during the setup and breakdown while you leave your flashers on.
  • Make sure there is nearby general parking for guests and include that info with the invitations.

Congratulations on doing such a wonderful thing for your friend!  Enjoy your planning and good luck to both you and the mama-to-be.


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