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By Katie Banks+ | Friday May 30, 2014

Have you heard the expression “Being a woman is not a Preexisting Condition”? If you haven’t, or haven’t completely understood what this meant I’ll break it down for, as well as show how the Healthcare Exchange has addressed these issues when addressing the new metal plans: Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.

Women Healthcare Facts

Once ObamaCare fully kicks in on January 2014 there are some major changes that affect women. Women are usually charged more for men because their bodies are genetically different from men. With the population being 50/50 the Healthcare Exchange deemed this wasn’t fair. Here are a few facts about women and healthcare to highlight some important issues that women deal with:

• Women use healthcare services more often than men
• Women usually take the lead role when making decisions for their families health services
• Women are more likely to use prescription medication, suffer from chronic disease, and anxiety and depression than men.
• Women have dependent coverage more often than men, therefore put them in vulnerable positions regarding divorce or losing a job.
• Women tend to have higher out-of-pocket medical expenses than men.

Healthcare Exchange Changes Important for Women

With the new Exchange below are some of the important gains women will receive in the health industry:

  • No cost preventive care: mammograms, well-child, pap-smear
  • Maternity is included in every metal plan
  • Birth Control prescriptions are now covered by all metal plans
  • Out-of-pocket maximums are the same for women as for men
  • Children may stay on their parents’ plan until their 26th birthday
  • All children, as are all persons, are covered regardless of preexisting conditions with ObamaCare
  • All Americans are guaranteed renewal under the new Exchange as long as they pay their monthly premium
  • Plans now offer federal premium subsidies to help with your monthly premium cost: For example, If you have dependent children and make up to $78,120 you and your family may be eligible for subsidies.
  • Healthcare Exchange offers cost-sharing subsidies to help with out-of-pocket costs. For example, if you have two dependent children and make up to $45,000 you may be eligible with the Silver Plan
  • For more info:
    If you have specific questions about your state and how the Healthcare Exchange works for you call 800-930-7956 or contact FinancialRx.

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    By Mindy on June 11, 2013

    So i’m confused. Is ObamaCare supposed to be good for Women? I thought it was supposed to ruin the country….oh…I get it. If it is good for women it must be ruining the country!

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