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By Wendy Mihm | Thursday December 2, 2010

Today’s money saving tip is sounds tougher than it really is:  do not pay credit card late fees.  If you occasionally pay a credit card bill a day or two late, you may be hit with a late fee.  These fees can be anywhere from $29 to $59 and they are unnecessary, particularly if you just happened to sit down in front of your online bill pay service right before a holiday weekend. 

Number 1 Technique for Eliminating Credit Card Fees

If you see such a fee – or any fee that is unexplained on any credit card – call up the credit card company and just ask them to waive the fee. Believe it or not, if your credit is good, and if you have been a good customer for several years, most will agree to that simple request immediately. 

If they push back, explain to them that you have been a good customer for many years and have paid your bills on time.  This one just happened to fall behind the desk (or whatever) and you were only a few days late—could they please extend you excellent customer service and waive the fee?  I have never had anyone at a credit card company say no to this request.  If they say no to you, however, politely ask to speak to their manager about the matter so that you don’t “get them into trouble for granting you an exception.”  Then politely repeat your argument until they remove the fee.  Again, I have never had anyone refuse this request and I have never had to be anything but polite.  Do note, however, that I also have good credit and have established a solid history with all of my credit card companies.

The crazy thing is, banks and credit card companies add these fees because the vast majority of people just grumble to themselves and pay them.  But if you take advantage of this money saving tip, and just call up and simply ask for the fees to be removed, voila!  They will probably will be.

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