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By Wendy Mihm | March 2, 2011

If you’re not a marketer by trade, you may have asked the reasonable question “what are loyalty cards, anyway?” 

Loyalty cards are any type of card issued by a retailer, (that’s code for “store”) museum, club or other entity, that entitles the holder to some type of special benefits.
These benefits can come in the form of discounts or special privileges such as the opportunity to skip the entrance line, come in at special hours, gain access to restricted areas, view special screenings of movies, see special speakers, etc. 

The benefits of the loyalty card in your pocket vary greatly depending on whether that card is issued by a grocery or bookstore (discounts) a zoo (skip the entrance line, free stroller rentals, etc.), an arboretum or museum (early entrance hours, gift shop discounts) or some other entity.

When you sign up for a loyalty card, you are typically given either a plastic credit-card-sized card to keep in your wallet, or a smaller plastic card to keep on your key chain—or both.  This sounds fairly reasonable, until you collect dozens of these loyalty cards and you no longer have space for your driver’s license, and your key chain starts to rival that of a middle school janitor.  This is fine if you happen to be a middle school janitor, but if you are not, you just might welcome the following solution.


(Cue singing angels: “Laaaaaaaaa!!”)

CardStar® lets you easily store, manage and quickly retrieve your reward, club, and loyalty cards on your smart phone, where they can be scanned directly from your screen at most merchants.

Want to consolidate your cards but you don’t have a smart phone? get the CardStar Card.  One card for all your cards.

Badda bing. Done.

Now you can answer the question “what are loyalty cards?” and you have a cool new way to store them all in one, sleek, fashionably high-tech way. 

Go, savvy Mamma, go!

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