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By Jennifer Emery | January 28, 2011

Choose the Right Photographer for You

To spend your money wisely on baby portrait sessions the first item of business is to choose a photographer whose work speaks to you. Remember, your child is only a baby once, so looking for a deal is great, but skimping on quality in an effort to find the best price alone may defeat your purpose of capturing those precious, fleeting moments of babyhood.  Also, look for a photographer who guarantees their work and is insured.

Consider Timing Photos to Baby’s Stages

The next thing to consider is when best to schedule the photo sessions.

Infancy: When they are a few days or a few weeks old, it’s sweet to get detail photos of all their little fingers and toes and tiny little selves.  You will be amazed at how quickly they change, and you will be grateful years later that you captured these moments in time.

Three months: Around this time they start to sit up. This is another good time to schedule a session because when babies are able to sit up, there are many more variations in photos that can be accomplished.

Six months:  By now, they have changed so much from the little infant they once were, into an expressive, laughing, cooing little being.  It can be wonderful to capture all their facial expressions and each new thing they can do.

Nine months to one year: Once they start crawling and walking, they are very proud of themselves and there are so many exciting moments to capture now that they’re on the move!

What To Look for in a Baby Photo Session Package

I find that most of my clients want their photos on a CD so they can print the photos themselves. You should be willing to pay a little extra for this. Why?  Because in the long run, you can save quite a bit of money by printing the images yourself.  Plus you must remember that the photographer is running a business and he or she must make some money too, so getting that CD will cost a little more than a session that includes only prints.

What I often hear my repeat clients confess months or even years later, however, is that they pay extra for the CD with the photos on it and then never get around to actually printing the photos.  So before you do this, really think it through.  You may find that ordering prints from the photographer is your best bet for getting those images up on your wall while your baby is still a baby. Many photographers also offer photo products that you may not be able to make yourself, such as photo tins and custom designed albums, as well as custom prints that will be steps above those Costco prints you may order.

Bundling Baby Photo Sessions

Another way to save money on baby photos while also capturing all those moments from newborn to walking, is to find a photographer that offers “Life Sessions.” This is when a photographer offers a package that includes all four sessions mentioned above, timed to your baby’s developmental stages, and the bundles those sessions with some kind of an album at the end of the year, to document your child’s growth. I’ll be honest—this won’t be cheap, but the bundling option will be less expensive than doing the sessions and the album one by one.  Plus it will document your child’s one-and-only first year from birth to walking in an amazing, keepsake that you’ll have forever.

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