Websites for Moms: Top Picks for Bargains, Fun and Sanity comments (1)

By Wendy Mihm | February 28, 2011

These are our top picks for the 10 best websites for Moms. 

Here you’ll find great bargains, spots to take a break, regain your sanity, find a job and maybe even make a friend.

Now THIS is brilliant – it’s an online children’s clothing and toy reseller. At ThredUp, you browse through boxes of used kids clothes and toys, buy a box for $5 + $10.95 USPS shipping, and your box is delivered in a few days. You can post your own box of used clothes and toys, and when another member picks your box, ThredUp will arrange to send it, 100% free of charge. They provide boxes, postage, and even schedule the pick-up.

Kate & Lydia have 6 kids, 2 husbands, 1 ex husband, a geriatric dog, a surly cat, a blog, a lot of boxed wine & a desire to giggle about things that are stupid. Read it, and realize you are not alone.

This is a membership website that scours local deals and sends the best one to you via email each day.  Plus, if you go to their site, you can see a continuously-scrolling list of deals geared toward moms.  This can include things like photography package deals, spa sessions, apparel, eco-friendly cleaning services and more.

Moms love this blog because it provides useful, down-to-earth tips that they can use in real-world situations.  Writer Asha Dornfest has earned a top spot in’s Top 50 bloggers of 2010 because she skips inane tips like “make your own wipes” that no human mother really has the time or energy to do, and focuses on real solutions that work.

A national staffing firm that connects progressive employers with experienced moms looking for flexible jobs. The site includes job listings and a place to post your resume.

A sleek, modern party planning website that helps you with everything from planning the food and to invitations, to managing the guest lists and party favors.  Very ‘Real Simple.’  Looks like a lot of fun to use!

An e-invitation site similar to Evite, only without the ads!  You can send to as many as 10 email recipients for free, or pay $7.95 for 11-50 recipients, or pay a few dollars more for additional if your list is larger.  They have hundreds of designs to choose from, they are particularly good at retro styles, they include high-tech map functionality, and most designs include kitchy music too.  I just used Sendomatic for my Mom’s surprise birthday party and got rave reviews.

Baby Center Momformation Blogs
If you’re a mom, you no doubt already know about Baby Center, but if you have not have stumbled on their blogs yet, they are worth a peek, if only for their posts on time-saving and organization.  I’ve road tested a few and they’re pretty darn good.

This site is a little cluttered, but there’s something there for everyone:  coupons, a book with moneysaving tips, seasonal craft ideas, parenting tips, a community forum and more.

EWG’s Sunscreen Guide
Remember all that hoopla in the media about harmful sunscreens?  This guide will help you decide which sunscreens to dump and which to keep—not the most glamorous pick, but a necessary and useful resource for keeping your family safe.

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By Heather on May 16, 2011

Great list of websites. I have one to add for best work at home opportunity.
Go to for all the details.

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