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By super lucky Wendy Mihm | July 11, 2011

Holy guacamole!  I won new shoes on Twitter!!!

Let me repeat, folks:


That’s me up there in the picture, with my NEW SHOES THAT I WON ON TWITTER!!!!

Let me explain how it all went down…

I really, really dig the folks over at JaneNation because they have fun, engaging content that is relevant to women. So I “retweet” their “tweets” on Twitter, which is the human thing to do, if you like and respect someone’s work out in the, ahem, Twittersphere.  I know.  Stay with me if you are not a Twitter person.  It is not all this nauseating.  What I have said is simply that I I repeat what they have said to my audience of followers.

I also like to enter their contests because they are fun.

They had a contest where you could enter to win a new pair of “Claire Driver” shoes by Johnston and Murphy.  Well, I didn’t even know that Johnston and Murphy made shoes for women, but since the contest entry form was so dang cute, I entered.

Days and weeks went by, and I went on my merry way and completely forgot about the contest.

Then I got this email with the title “Claire Driver Shoes” in the subject line.


We heard the news that you are the big Jane Nation Claire Driver Winner! Congratulations!!! We want to get you your new shoes as quickly as possible. Here is the link for you to get a closer look:

Link to Claire Driver Shoes

Please let us know what size you would need, color and a mailing address you would like them sent.
We have been having very positive feedback on the comfort and great style of these shoes. Hope you enjoy them!
Thanks for participating in Jane Nation’s Promotion.

What the whaaaaaaatt?!??!!

Since I work at home and my husband does too, he was the only person I could scream to about this.  Unfortunately, men do not quite “get” shoes as much as women do, but he did enjoy watching me dance around the basement office to celebrate.  I then camped out on the front porch, waiting for them to arrive.  (Hence the photo taken on the porch)

So what’s the take-away in all this?

You never know what is out there for you on Twitter.  Sure, the shoes were an incredibly lucky win for me, but getting to know the team at JaneNation, the @in_your_shoes team who handled the promotion and the folks at Johnston and Murphy who took such great care of me throughout the fulfillment of the shoe delivery, was a fantastic experience from start to finish. 

And who knows where else it may lead?

Especially now that I’m wearing such comfortable and impressive shoes!

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Comments for I Won New Shoes on Twitter!
By Karen Moran on July 11, 2011

Awww - Wendy - you made my day!!  Girl I’m so happy not only that you love your snazzy new shoes - but that we were able to connect.  Tiz one of the many great things about Twitter - meeting new gal pals - not to mention super comphy shoes! 

By Wendy Mihm on July 12, 2011

This has all been ridiculously thrilling—getting to know the JaneNation crew, the contest, the crazy-comfortable new shoes, “camping out” on the porch, and writing the silly-fun entry about taking delivery of my new shoes—what fun!

Thanks for making it all possible. 

And especially for reminding me of the important lesson that anything is possible on Twitter.  It’s great for friendships, great for business.  And apparently, great for WINNING NEW SHOES!


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