No New Clothes in 2011 Challenge: May Update comments (2)

By Wendy Mihm | Monday May 16, 2011

It’s May, I’m more than 5 months into my “No New Clothes in 2011 Challenge” and, to quote my 2-year old son,
I don’t like it!”

Maybe I was just Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs when I took this challenge back in January, but for some reason, I didn’t think it was going to be that hard.  Well, now it’s getting hard.

And I am hereby confessing that I broke down and bought two cute tops.  Technically, they fell under a rule that I’d made in the original challenge about being able to buy something new for a special occaion when I don’t have anything to wear. 

The tops were for Mother’s Day.  Aahh, but why did I buy two?

Because I could not decide.

Talk about a break down!

But let me at least attempt to explain myself.

My husband takes the kids and me out to a very special lunch for Mother’s Day each year.  We make an afternoon of it.  We take a lot of pictures.  I wanted to look and feel fantastic. 

But the truth is, I did have something in my closet that I could have worn. 

So yes, people:  I BROKE MY STREAK!

But that does not mean the No New Clothes For a Year Challenge is over!

No siree!

I am getting right back on my horse and will ride again.

The point was and continues to be saving money to buy our next house, and two cute tops will not stop me from helping our family reach that goal!

So here we go again.  Stay with me as I re-group, re-motivate and try to get through the next 7 months (SEVEN MONTHS?!) without buying any more new clothes…


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Comments for No New Clothes in 2011 Challenge: May Update
By Sara Tetreault {at} Go Gingham dot com on May 16, 2011

Get back on your horse, girl!!  You can do it.  Remember, as soon as you wear something once, it’s used.  Just buy the used if you need to have something new…it still feels like shopping because it is.

By Wendy Mihm on May 17, 2011

Sara you are the best!  Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

Folks, if you have not been to Sara’s site, you need to visit:  It’s inspiring AND gorgeous. 

Speaking of gorgeous, I need to clarify that the woman in the photo above IS NOT ME.  She is precisely 26.3x more gorgeous than I am.

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