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Children’s Clothing Exchange ThredUp Makes It Easy to Swap Clothes comments (3)

By Wendy Mihm | Wednesday March 16, 2011

ThredUp is a new online childrens’ clothing and toy exchange that is, in my humble opinion, brilliant.

Why?  Because they have figured out everything we moms despise and therefore procrastinate about when it comes to either giving away, donating or selling our kids’ outgrown clothes.

Here’s how it works. 

To buy childrens clothes

  • You browse through boxes of other peoples’ kids clothes and toys online at the ThredUp site
  • Then you select one you like and buy it for $5 + $10.95 USPS shipping
  • Your box shows up at your door within few days

To sell childrens clothes

  • List the items for sale in your box of used clothes and toys on the ThredUp site
  • When another member picks your box, ThredUp will arrange to send it, 100% free of charge
  • ThredUp provides boxes, postage, and even schedules the pick-up

Badda bing.  Done.

That’s it!  See?  Painless.

I told you it was brilliant.

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Comments for Children’s Clothing Exchange ThredUp Makes It Easy to Swap Clothes
By Lisa K on March 19, 2011

I actually just tried ThredUp for the first time about a week ago and had to throw my support in here—it IS brilliant!  The description of the clothing I received in my box was accurate and I was really happy with what I bought—Janie and Jack, Baby Gap and even one thing from Mini Boden—all really high quality stuff.  I will definitely use it again.

By Sara on March 28, 2011

Badda boom.  We aim to please :) ~ sara/chief military mom at thredUP

By Barbara Jackson on May 03, 2011

The clothes thing doesn’t interest me as much as the toys. I already send all my outgrown clothes to my best friend in SF. But I would love to send out toys and get new ones through thredUP! My kids play with the same toy for two months and then get bored. Those could go to new kids and then a new box would show up with new toys!!! It will be like xmas all over. I’ll let you know how it goes

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