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Neighborgoods: Borrow Stuff for Free, Make Friends, Be Hip comments

By Wendy Mihm | Tuesday March 8, 2011

Neighborgoods is the hottest, hippest new thing to hit the neighborhood since the gourmet food truck.  You can save money and resources by sharing things like bicycles, tools, ladders, bounce houses – you name it – with your friends and neighbors.

Here’s how NeighborGoods works:

  • Add the things you have available for people to borrow to your Neighborgoods inventory.
  • When you need to borrow something, “shop” for it in the various Neighborgoods categories.  Don’t see it there?  Add it to your wish list.
  • When someone in your community has what you need, they will let you know.
  • Safety mechanisms are built in, including automated calendars and reminders.
  • You can also create specific sharing groups for your office, school, neighborhood etc.

Go check out the website—people are loving this service.  From the reviews, it sounds like they are having as much fun meeting all their neighbors as they are saving money by borrowing stuff!  Seems like a pretty excellent way to save money, strengthen your neighborhood ties, and maybe even make a new friend or two.  I mean, wouldn’t want to make friends with the lady pushing the vacuum cleaner down the street?


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