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Sale and Free Shipping on Luggage at EBags comments

By Wendy Mihm | Thursday February 3, 2011

There are generally good and bad times to buy most things.  February happens to be a very good time to find great deals on luggage.  Why?  Because travel tends to slow down during the month of February and when travel slows down, fewer people buy luggage.  Manufacturers and retailers cannot charge higher prices for the things they sell when the demand is not there.

Ok, now that our little economics lesson is over, let’s get on with the deal. is having a big sale on their luggage this month, and is also offering free shipping! 

But remember, nothing is a bargain if you don’t really need it, so don’t even click on that link if you weren’t in the market for luggage in the first place.  Also, Ebags is certainly not the only game in town.  Remember, since February is a good time for luggage deals, you can probably find them in lots of places.  I just happened to like their free shipping deal and the pretty picture on the Ebags website.

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