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How To Find A Gift With Purchase Cosmetics Deal comments (2)

By Wendy Mihm | Tuesday January 11, 2011

We all have our favorite cosmetics brands.  Some people stay loyal for years, while others love to test out new brands every time their moisturizer runs out or they’re in the mood for a new eye color.  But if you’re like many of us, you love a good Gift With Purchase promo so you can get that cute bag full of wonderfully free goodies. 

Well, now you no longer have to wait because we’ve discovered a website that hunts down every single GWP promo and lists them all in one place.  It’s called and the woman who runs it even mentions when the stores are offering free shipping along with the GWP.  That way, even if the store is far away, you can still take advantage of the offer. 

Now you can maximize every dollar you spend toward cosmetics—now that is smarter spending.  Thanks, MyGiftWithPurchase!

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Comments for How To Find A Gift With Purchase Cosmetics Deal
By Peggy on January 11, 2011

Everyone loves the deal and the steal.  I did not know about  Great site and I look forward to the next deal.

By Jen Wilson on January 22, 2011

So here is the big question and i would be interested in what people think. Is it cool to regift a “gift with purchase”??? Come on. You know you must have thought about it too. Most of these gifts with purchase come with great looking bags and are so cute sometimes it seems wasted on me but would make a perfect gift. If you got a gift from a friend and suspected it was a “gift with purchase” that they passed on to you…would you think that was cheesy? What’s the ruling on this, girls.

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