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New Pasadena Toy Store: But Hurry, It’s Temporary! comments

By Wendy Mihm | Monday December 20, 2010

If your family celebrates Christmas, and if you are anything like me, these things are likely happening to you right now:

  • You are admitting to yourself that it is a tad too late to create and order that perfect photo book that you had designed in your head for your in-laws.  But it was really lovely, honest.
  • You have realized that you have reams of wrapping paper but no pretty bags, which everyone knows are at least fourteen times easier to wrap things in.
  • You have some stuff for the kids’ stockings, but you’re not sure it’s enough, or if the split between kids is even.
  • Scores of boxes have shown up on your front porch, but you can no longer distinguish which ones you ordered for your husband, which he ordered for you, and which are gifts from your out of town family.
  • You still have not figured out the menu for your Christmas dinner.

Well, today’s Deals and Steals can’t help you with all those dilemmas, but we can help with the stocking stuffing piece.  One word:


Why do I like this place so much?  First, they are not too large as to be overwhelming and they are organized in a way that makes good sense to me:  by maker.  All their Melissa and Doug toys are grouped together, all their Legos together, Alex toys together, Sprig toys, Fisher Price, etc.  They also have groupings by interest group, such as remote control toys, craft activities, dolls, wooden toys for infants, etc.  Best of all, however, was the play area where kids (and adults) could try out a variety of toys for sale.  That way you can see what your kids are interested in before you buy.

ToyZam is a national chain and they are all having sales of various kinds. 

Pasadena ToyZam Sale

The ToyZam in Pasadena is on Lake street near the Children’s Place Store and they are having an excellent sale:  buy one toy and get a second one of equal or lesser value at 50% off.  But take advantage of this sale and of having a real toy store right here in town because come January, ToyZam will be gone, as they are only a temporary store.  Remember, this is the same store front that used to sell the Halloween costumes, so who knows what it will be next…

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